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Why not add a fun, educational, and magical performance to your next event? With thousands of shows done around the nation, Dale & Elaine can enliven, engage and educate with a mix of comedy, magic and music. We would love to be a part of your next Sacramento region event!

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Dale and Elaine’s Story

We are professional entertainers in the finest sense of the word. Using refined sleight-of-hand, marvelous escapes, and masterful illusions to produce a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Zest, sparkle, and comedy describe our exciting Magical Mysteries. We are celebrating 50 years as professional entertainers performing throughout California and the West at various fairs, community events, schools and lodges, as well as doing several hundred business and industrial promotions for organizations such as McDonald’s.

Our marriage combined our theatre and dance talents, creating this unique magical duo. In 1980, we started our motivational school shows for elementary students. These educationally significant programs have featured topics on Safety, Fitness, Ecology, Character Building, and Reading. One of our popular programs is an anti-bullying show about the Power of a Friend!

It is our enthusiasm for the love of performing, which relaxes our audiences, as we genuinely like people and enjoy entertaining them with shows that are a once-in-a-lifetime Magical Experience! Both of us are also craftsmen, who make most of our own props and costumes. In between our motivational presentations to educational institutions and various organizations, we also supply our products to other entertainers around the world.

Dale and Elaine

Entertaining Shows

Masters of Magic and Mirth!
Wands Printer

We offer educationally significant programs for assemblies and after school, plus special programs for Family Fun Nights.

Community Events

Lorzo’s Magical Mysteries are fun and exciting shows for fairs, festivals and community celebrations. Designed to fit your needs from 20-90 minutes.

Whats This

We offer reading shows for Summer Reading programs, Family Literacy Nights, First Five California and after school programs.

Senior high 5
Magic for the Young at Heart

Here seniors enjoy the magic that lets them be Young at Heart, once again.

Our Magic Studio

This Special Studio teaches you about magic, while offering Extraordinary Fun That makes GREAT kids appear.

School Shows

“The No Bully Zone”

“The No Bully Zone”

Find the Bully

Bullies disappear when the teachers are near.

Friendship Quiz

Bullies are defined by their actions, not their looks.

Be S.A.F.E.

Learn four things to do if you are being bullied.

Checkerboard Scarves

Things are not always clear and in black and white.

Helping Hands

Working together builds friendship and helps prevent bullying.

Be a H.E.R.O.

Students discover ways to help their bullied friends.

Dale Lorzo presents a variety of interactive routines that revolve around stories of bullying. Each one demonstrates a principle of definition or conduct for K-6 students. “The No Bully Zone Power of a Friend” is a fully equipped two-person motivational program presented by Dale and Elaine Lorzo for K-6 students.

“Keys To Character”

“Keys To Character”

“Keys to Character” brings a fun assembly to your school AND includes core values for your students at the same time. While waiting for a package, Dale asks the students what they think it might look like. However, it really doesn’t matter what a package looks like on the outside, because it’s what’s “on the inside” that really counts!

Dale and Elaine Lorzo’s educationally significant programs are suitable for all elementary grades. Each program is self-contained with all necessary equipment; exciting music, backdrops and a complete wireless sound system.

Magic Miracles
Dale and Elaine

Community Shows

Creating Beautiful Smiles and Laughter with “Magic From the Land of Make Believe”

Our Masters of Magic and Mirth present a variety of magical programs all year around, not just for summer festivals. Lorzo’s shows are filled with zest, sparkle, and excitement that captivates children and adults alike.

Dale and Elaine’s fun loving personalities and sense of humor bring joy to the whole family through a unique blend of magic, comedy, and mystery, with a wee bit of whimsy to excite your sense of wonder in all our shows.

Library Shows

Dr. Seuss Reading Celebration

Family Literacy Night

Dale discovered the wonder in books while visiting a library as a kid. There were books about everything… art, science, mystery and even magic! Lorzo’s love of books brings him back to libraries to perform magic for the whole family year after year.

Dale discovered the wonder in books while visiting a library as a kid. There were books about everything… art, science, mystery and even magic! Lorzo’s love of books brings him back to libraries to perform magic for the whole family year after year.

Magic for the Young at Heart

Snappy presentations with wit and humor!

Dale Lorzo presents fun and exciting programs for the Young at Heart as he captivates the inner child of our senior community. His unique blend of magic, comedy, and mystery, with a bit of whimsy, excites his audience while making them the Stars of the Show!

Our Magic Studio

Where you find extraordinary fun that makes GREAT kids appear!

There are four different courses with unique magic tricks reinforcing the 8 traits of a true magician: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic and Giving. Upon course completions, students receive a graduation wand and certificate of advancement.

This life changing program builds self-confidence and develops critical communication skills in a fun and unique way, that is guaranteed to unlock your child’s potential and impact for the rest of their life.


At Dale Lorzo’s Magical Mysteries, we believe that the human touch is a magical touch!

“It was a great show. He had great showmanship and everyone was really interactive!”

Katie Decorick, Youth Serivce Librarian Sacramento Public Libraries

“The assembly was very professionally done. The setup and clean up were done without any problems. Performer was very energetic and related well with the students. Everyone enjoyed the presentation.”

Joseph Wickham, Principal at Neil Hafley School

“If you want to see magic and fun for all the kids, come out and see Dale!”

Chelsea McAdam, Recreation Coordinator at Orangevale Parks and Recreation

“It was an absolute blast! We had kids packed to the walls enjoying Dale. “

Danny Curtola, Swanston Community Center

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